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How to master the game SimCity buildit

SimCity buildit is a mobile simulation game which we can play on your Android and IOS devices. It is not like the ordinary video games. It was developed by EA and was launched in the market in 2014. Here you will be the Mayor of the city, and you will have to keep upgrading and building new structures. You have to provide services and keep making resources. You have to make the city a comfortable place for living for the population boost. You will need a good layout of the city where you can put maximum residence. For playing the game properly and to gain more SimCity buildit free simcash you have to follow some points.

Things to keep in mind

You have to keep the maximum population in your city, and for that, you have to provide all the required services to the people. So you have to make more resources so that you can create a big city with all the buildings which are necessary and keep the factories so that everything will go smoothly in your city. To keep maximum people in your city you have to keep upgrading the residences. Because these people will provide you taxes in return for this services. So it can make you very rich. If you gain taxes, then you can easily improve the projects. Building some parks or beaches near your residence will help you to boost the population. But do not spend on unnecessary services.

Keep more focus on the residential areas as it will help you to get maximum taxes from here. If you want to boost the population, they offer more services to the people. Things which you should keep near your residential area are the police station or the fire station, hospitals and similar type of buildings. These buildings will help you to make this residential area more suitable when it comes to living, and in this way, you can generate some more taxes.

Follow these two points to generate more taxes and SimCity buildit free simcash in your residential area because resources are the only way for reaching the high levels in this game. There are different types of resources, and you can get them by updating the buildings or by improving the infrastructures. You should always build some more factories in your area which can provide you with all the necessity is like minerals, metals, seeds, foods, or plastic. Having a good strategy will always help you to succeed in this game and teach you how to get simcity buildit simcash.


Conan Achievements for the XBOX 360

Developed by Nihilistic and published by THQ, this action genre game is ready for play. It is a Mature rated game by the ESRB rating system, and has plenty of decapitating role playing fun. If Conan is on your list of XBOX 360 games to play this year, then these are the achievements that you’ll want to know. All have their gamerscore points given, and an explanation of how to earn the title.
10 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Chained Attacker – You will need to have your combo counter reach 100.

Free Fall – You will need to kill an enemy by a death fall.

Hands-On – You need 5 grapple kills.

High and Mighty – You need to score 20,000 points in a level.

Master Dual Wielder – All dual wield attacks mastered.

Master Swordsman – All of the one handed sword attacks mastered.

Master Two Handed Swordsman – All of the two handed sword attacks mastered.

Noble Conan – You need to save a maiden

Now You See it, Now You Don’t – You must disarm an enemy

Parry Farm – You need to do every parry kill move.

Shish Kabob – You will have to impale one of your enemies for this title.

Slice and Dice – You should do 100 dismemberments for this one.

The Legendary Set – You will need to collect all the armor pieces.

Treasure Seeker – Find five treasure chests.

Triumvirate Seeker – You need to activate 5 of the rune triumvirates.

Defeat Cleaver’s Army – You need to get the Ward of Fire and defeat the Bone Cleaver and his army in Barachan Isles.

Dragon Slayer – You need to get the Ward of Earth and defeat the Sand Dragon in The Lost City of Shem.

15 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Bring out the Gimp – During the Giant Squid boss battle, kill at least 25 foes.

Man Handle – Do 50 grapple kills.

Mob Massacre – You will need to kill 5 or more foes at the same time.

Parry Assassin – Do 100 Parry kills.

20 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Adrenaline Rush – Find all Song of Death meter power ups.

Armored Up – Find all of the Power meter Power ups.

Bill of Health – Find all of the Health Meter Power ups.

Chain of Fools – Get your combo counter reaching to 325.

Chop Shop – Get a total of 500 dismemberments.

Death Grip – You need 250 Grapple kills.

Losing his Mind – With a shield, decapitate a captain.

Parry King – Get 200 parry kills.

Treasure Hunter – Find 50 of the treasure chests.

Triumvirates United – Activate all of the rune triumvirates.

Demon Slayer – You need to get the Ward of Abyss and defeat the Elephant Demon in the Kush Caves.

My Hero – Save all the maidens.

Snake Charmer – Get the Ward of Souls and defeat the Sorceress Queen in Stygia.

30 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Death Rain – By death fall, kill 100 enemies.

Enemy Appetizers – Impale 100 of your foes.

Fatal Touch – Do 500 grapple kills.

Filthy Rich – Find all the treasure chests.

Master Looter – You need to disarm 100 foes.

Meat Market – You need 1000 dismemberments.

Mighty Conan – You need to finish the game on HARD mode.

Rock of Ages – By Boulder Throw, kill 100 enemies.

Sink the Squid – You need to defend the ship, defeating the Giant Squid.

Who’s your Daddy – You need to get the Ward of the Departed and defeat the Bone Cleaver in Argos.

40 Gamerscore Point Achievements

The Bloody Crown – You need to do 100,000 total points.

Untouchable – Without taking damage, finish a mission.

Rest in Piece – You need to finish the game and send Graven into the Netherworld in Ocean Ruins.

Strength of 10 Men – You need to kill 10 or more simultaneously.

50 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Master Conan – Finish the game on King Mode.